Alsace wines

Alsace region

The vine yards of Alsace are situated on the slopes of the Vosges hills facing the river Rhine. Less than 100 kilometres long, and spanning between 1 and 5 kilometers. The hills offer protection from cold and humid winds. One of the particularities with this wine, is the commercialisation is generally under the name of the cepage (the grape), such as Reisling, Gewurtztraminer, Pinot Blanc. However there are certain assembled wines such as Edelzwicker. The AOC can also indicate the village such as Barr, Mittlewihr.

There is also the AOC Alsace grand cru and Cremant d'Alsace.

Alsace cepage

  • Sylvaner : A very light, fruity and dry wine
  • Pinot Blanc : Dry white
  • Pinot Gris or Tokay d'Alsace : Sharp white
  • Riesling : The most renowned white wine from Alsace
  • Gewurztraminer : Very fruity white wine
  • Muscat : Dry white
  • Pinot Noir or rosé d'Alsace: The only none white wine as it is a rosé