Volnay wines

South facing vines

VolnayThe vine yards of Volnay are in southern part of the Côte de Beaune, between Pommard and Meursault. As the village is bordered by the prestigious vines of Pommard and Meursault, every piece of ground that is capable of growing quality grapes is used. Producing only red wine from the Pinotnoir grape, there is a total of 213 hectares of which 128 hectares contain 30 different Premiers cru appellations.

The vineyard slope climbs up from the plain to reach a forest of mainly pine trees with the village in middle. Facing South and South East the grapes and vines bath in the sun shine throughout the summer.

There are many stone walls which mark the boundaries between the various "climats" and Crus, access can be difficult with narrow baths between each field.

The appellations are Volnay and Volany Premier Cru, both appellations can be followed by the names of the "climats" (the name of the vine yard). There is also the Volnay Santenots which comes from the village of Meursault.

The village

The Village The village is quite small and dedicated to wine and only wine. There are some charming small streets and I advise you to leave your car on the village square and walk around. You'll notice that even in the middle of the village between some houses there are grapes. Try to walk on the path that leads up into the woods above the village and enjoy the view.

You'll also find many opportunities fro wine tasting, almost evey other house has a gate open leading to a wine cellar.

The Cellier Volnaysien Restaurant

Restaurant Cellier Volnaysien

Of all the restaurants in the wine growing area, which span all kinds of prices, in the 20 years I've been taking people to visit the area, the best value is "Cellier Volnaysien" in the village centre, they serve an excellent "Coq au vin", and with a "Clos des Chênes" red wine, you will have an unforgettable meal.

You have the choice of a table in the old cellar, the wine press room or on the terrace.

Volnaysien cellarThe menu is simple but excellent, local starter dishes such as Escargot or Country salad. For the main course there is the Coq au Vin, Poached eggs in a red wine sauce, or fired Salmon. I would also recommend a second helping of the butter fried potatoes.

The choice of wines is impressive, most of the made by the owners father Michael Pont who owns a castle in the village Savigny les Beaunes to the north of Beaune. The prices of the wine menu are very low and to male the best of it you can also buy some bottles to take home.

The telephone number if you want to reserve before arriving is 03 80 21 61 04

List of all the 1er Crus

  • Carelle sous la Chapelle
  • Carelles
  • Champans
  • Chanlin
  • Clos de l'Audignac
  • Clos de la Barre
  • Clos de la Bousse f'or
  • Clos de la Cave des Ducs
  • Clos de la Chapelle
  • Clos dela Rougeotte
  • Clos des Chênes
  • Clos des Ducs
  • Clos des Santenots
  • Clos du Chateau des Ducs
  • Clos du Verseuil
  • En Chevret
  • En l'Ormeau
  • Fremiets
  • Fremiets - Clos de la Rougeotte
  • La Gigotte
  • Lassolle
  • Le Ronceret
  • Le Village
  • Les Angles
  • Les Aussy
  • Les Brouillards
  • Les Caillerets
  • Les Caillerest - Clos des 60 Ouvrees
  • Les Grands Champs
  • Les Lurets
  • Les Mitans
  • Pitures Dessus
  • Pointes d'Angles
  • Robardelle
  • Santenots
  • Taille Pieds

The wines can easily be kept for 5 to 10 years.