Savoie, Rhone-Alpes in France

One of the principle ski vacation destinations. The mountains have good slopes for downhill and many woodlands and plains used for cross country skiing.

Rich in history due to the frontiers, the mountains provided a natural defense, but one which has been fought for by numerous competitors. There are many fortified castles and forts, protecting valley roads and mountain passes.

The Savoie is also an excellent summer destination, with many outdoor activities, hiking, gliding, delta, cycling, exploring... For water sports, the rivers and lakes have much to offer.

The Savoie offers a good local cuisine. The local Savoie cheeses being a common ingredient.

Skiing destinations are places such as Val-d'Isere, Courcheval and Tignes. Check the skiing information pages for more information.

Towns and cities

The ancient town switched hands between the dukes of Savoie and Italy to finally belong to France as late as 1860.
The town overlooks the Lake of Bourget and has the Alp mountains rising to the East.

Ski chalets

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