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The progressive course contents

The scenario, you have to travel to France.
You take a plane and fly to Paris and land at "Charles de Gaulle" airport.
This is the start of a journey through France and you'll have to speak and understand French.

The list of lessons, all with audio, translations, comments, verb tables...

  1. Hello my name is...
  2. Please and thank you
  3. Numbers and counting
  4. Who, what where
  5. Finding a taxi
  6. What time is it?
  7. Travel to the hotel, travelling through Paris
  8. Your hotel room
  9. You have a shower and learn about reflexive verbs
  10. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, the past, present, future
  11. Breakfast
  12. What to visit? What, Where, When
  13. Discovering Paris by the Metro
  14. Lunch in a restaurant
  15. Days of the week and months of the year
  16. You visit a museum
  17. Dinner in a restaurant
  18. Time, evening, dawn, dusk
  19. You cruise on the Seine, directions
  20. Blogging your journey in France
  21. Shopping or food and clothes
  22. Hire a car and driving along the Autoroute
  23. Weather forecast on the radio
  24. You go to a petrol station
  25. Newspapers
  26. You are lost in Dijon
  27. Wine tasting at Beaune
  28. Geography the regions of France
  29. 14th of July, a history lesson
  30. You go to a Chambre hôte
  31. You visit a farm
  32. Hospital and the police station
  33. Winter and the seasons
  34. News & Sport
  35. Renting a Gite
  36. Food market, food, cheese
  37. Your first job interview
  38. Weather forecast, from snow to the Mistral
  39. Cooking lessons
  40. Visiting a castle, history lesson 1
  41. The wine regions
  42. Music, from Piaf and Daft Punk
  43. News and politics
  44. Napoleon, his profile
  45. Life in France
  46. To buy or to rent?
  47. House hunting
  48. Estate agent
  49. Purchase house
  50. Rebuilding and contacting workers
  51. History lesson 2
  52. The South and the Provence
  53. Inviting friends for lunch
  54. Finding a school for your children
  55. Local elections
  56. Summer life
  57. The countryside
  58. Hugo to Gainsbourg
  59. Libertié, égalitie et fraternit
  60. Travel to nearby countries