French personal pronouns

French Grammar Lessons : learn the personal pronouns

Personal pronouns

1st person I = Je
2nd person You = Tu
3rd person He = Il
3rd person She = Elle
1st person plural We = Nous
2nd person plural You= Vous
3rd person plural They = Ils, pluriel masculin
3rd person plural They= Elles, pluriel feminin

Note the absence or the neutral "It".

Vous, the French word for You can be singular or plural, when used in the singular form, it is a form or politeness. In the plural sense, it is used to address more than one person.

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Example phrases using Personal pronouns

I am tall

The phrases below show the personal pronouns for being tall

Je suis grand : I am tall
Tu es grand : You are tall
Il est grand : He is tall
Elle est grande : She is tall
Nous sommes grands : We are tall
Vous êtes grands : You are tall
Ils sont grands : They are tall
Elles sont grandes : They are tall

I am small

The phrases below show the personal pronouns for being small

Je suis petite : I am small
Tu es petite : You are small
Elle est petite : She is small
Nous sommes petites : They are small
Vous êtes petites : You are small
Elles sont petites : They are small

I have eaten

J'ai mangé : I have eaten
Tu as mangé : You have eaten
Il a mangé : He has eaten
Elle a mangé : She has eaten
Nous avons mangé : We have eaten
Vous avez mangé : You have eaten
Ils ont mangé : The have eaten
Elles ont mangé : They have eaten