Taking a taxi in French

Learn how to order a taxi in French

French phrases and conversations for taking a taxi.

Taxi is pronounced exactly the same way in French as in English.

English French

(Client)  Hello, can you call a taxi to the cabaret for me please?
(Reception) Yes, for what time.
In half an hour.

Bonjour, pouvez vous m'appeler un taxi pour le cabaret, s'il vous plait?
- Oui, pour quelle heure?
Dans une demi heure.

Good morning, Lyon station please.
- Yes sir, at what time does your train leave?
11.02, it's the TGV to Dijon.
-Let's go then, beacause there is a lot of traffic on the ring road.

Bonjour, gare de Lyon, s'il vous plait.
- Oui, Monsieur, à quelle heure part votre train?
11.02, c'est le TGV pour Dijon.
- Alors en route, car il y a beaucoup
de circulation sur le périphérique.

Taxi please!
To Charles de Gaule, my plane leaves in two hours!
-Stay cool! my little lady.
I know the road like the inside of my pocket.
There you are, 350 francs Madame.
That is very expensive!
That's Paris!

Taxi, s'il vous plait!
A Charles de Gaule, j'ai un avion dans deux heures!
- Pas de panique, ma p'tite dame.
Je connais la route comme ma poche.
-Et voila, 350 Euro Madame.
C'est très cher!
C'est Paris!


demi = half
gare = station (railway station)

TGV = Train a grande vitesse = HST = High speed train.
le periphérique = the ring road which encircles Paris. It is one huge traffic jam during the rush hours.
Charles de Gaule (Roissy) is the main Paris international airport, there is also Orly.