Lesson 3 : My name is... in French

Lesson 3 : Who am I..? I am...

Simple French phrases to learn so that you can introduce your self and tell people where you come from.

(Listen to the audio player at the bottom of the page, repeat these simply phrases out loud, the best way to learn to speak French is Listen and Repeat)



I'm Nadine
Je suis Nadine
My name is Susan
(In French you say "I call myself Susan"
This is a a reflexive verb)
Je m'appelle Susan
I am French Je suis française
I'm Nadine from New York Je suis Nadine de New York
I'm from the United States Je suis des Etats Unis



Handshaking is still very important in France, so when you introduce yourself to unkown people and friends, it is polite to shake hands with the other person.


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