First World War : 3rd of August 1914

The day after sending the ultimatum to Belgium, Germany, continuing the development of the Schlieffen Plan, declared war on France. Both countries were expecting it since they fully mobilized days ago ( two days ago for France ) and by the web of European alliances, were bound to declare war on each other.

Germany’s plan was to avoid a direct confrontation with French forces in the Eastern borders of France and to pass through Belgium then attack the French army behind. However, at the surprise of Kaiser Wilhelm II, by breaking Belgium’s neutrality and independence, Germany finally brought his cousin George V of the United Kingdom into the conflict, on the side of Russia and France.

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First World War : 2nd of August 1914

The German government’s idea was to make the people think that  they were entering a defensive war and were in no way the aggressors. With the assassination of Archduke Franz-Ferdinand, the Austro-Hungarian Empire engaged the hostilities.

French Language

French slang in the trenches of World War One.

At the start of the Great War, millions of men were gathered together to fight France’s enemies. One of the difficulty for the Army and the officers was that many Frenchmen actually did not speak French properly but spoke their own local dialects. After months spent together in the fields and trenches of World War One, soldiers created their own “ trench slang “ ( “ l’argot des tranchées “ ), mixing words from popular French, Parisian slang, languages of the colonial soldiers and other popular dialects.

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