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Visiting the battlefields of Verdun

Verdun is a small city in the French North-East. Its location, in a valley close to the Belgian, Luxembourgian and German borders, makes the city an important strategic place. Furthermore, it is one of the passage points to cross the Meuse river. As such, Verdun has throughout history been a battlefield in the numerous conflicts opposing France to its neighbours.

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Summer in the south of France

Summer holidays are here, so many of us are thinking about southern France. We all know about Cannes, Nice and of course Saint Tropez. So we’ve decided to go the other side and discover the Languedoc-Roussillon region.

Destinations river

An October day beside the river

The wonderful thing about town of Chalon sur Saone (or Saône if you like accents), is that you are almost in the south of France, but not quite. Lyon typically marks the boundary between the north and Latin southerners. However when you are heading towards the Mediterranean and  arrive in Chalon, the adrenaline begins to build, you’re almost there, a few more miles to go…


The majestic river Saône flows towards the Rhone

The town is divded by the river Saône, which flows from the north to the south. The river is still used for cargo barges and also vacation cruises. You can head upstream to the Rhone or southwards to eventually find the river Rhone which flows into the Mediterranean Sea.

Gourmet cuisine along the river banks

Food, cuisine, menus and choice…  There are dozens of resturants to chose from, for all budgets and taste. Walk across the bridge to the small island of Saint Remy and you’ll fond many tables beckoning you to try their delights. With in the historical city centre, the cafes, markets and resturants are abundant.


The Sunday market with a cozy atmosphere

Take a few moments to savour the  colours and perfumes of the fruit and vegetables during the animated Sunday market, which is set below the towering cathedral of Saint Vincent.

Saint Vincent

The impressive towers of the Saint Vincent Cathedral

Half timbered houses

Shops and more boutiques

Walking around the pedestrian cobbled streets is a comfortable delight, every corner provides a unique and charming view. From fashion to chocolate to art galleries, take your pick and enjoy.

Along the river banks

Commercial barges, waiting…

Although the transport barge struggle to make a living in a hostile economy, some have managed to continue and await their next voyage. Perhaps they will carry cement to Amsterdam, or steel to Paris.

Calm waters for the pleasure boats

Sheltered behind the Saint Remy Island, you have first class moorings for all kinds pleasure boats.

Water, water every where

From small craft to ocean sailing boats. After all the ocean is just 5 days away. If you’d like to skipper your own boat in this region, try a self-drive cruise on a canal boat like the Amercia 43 boat

History is everywhere

The imposing canon position, which dates from 1407 was always ready to protect the city

With time, shapes change


Just behind you, some of the best vineyards in the world with the crus from Montrachet.

Just a couple of miles from the town, you’ll find many grand vineyards and famous wines.