Election 2012

France swings left

Fran├žois Hollande is now the president of France. and France swings to the left.
With an 81% turnout the results are:
Francois Hollande: 51.7%
Nicolas Sarkozy: 48.3%

Election 2012

The first round of the 20212 presidential elections

Since Friday night the political parties, media and opinion polls have been silenced: no one is allowed to comment on the possible outcome.

Today, Sunday, the weather is forecasted to be changeable with rain and showers which is pushing the voters to the voting booths. In the small villages and towns, the votes take place in the town hall, run by the elected council.

Everybody seems to be voting: there is nothing to watch on the TV, no sporting events to attend and the weather is not that pleasant.

Election 2012 News

Priority to the right or left ?

The first round of the elections are only a few days away now.

What is happening in France and how do the French voters feel?

The answer to this depends which media / TV / newspaper you read.
They have already taken sides and eliminated all but their two preferred candidate, saying that the final round will be between Sarkozy (Right) and Hollande (Left).