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5 French science fiction writers to read

Except for the connoisseurs, not many people think of science fiction as an important part of French literature. Yet, in the footsteps of Jules Verne, a precursor of modern science fiction, French literature is a den for science fiction.

Hundreds of space operas, stories of time travelers and post-apocalyptic worlds hide behind the pen of great French science writers.

Here are five highly recommended authors you should try to read.

This list is entirely subjective and based on personal preferences:


French Art News

This month is quite busy for Art lovers.

A big deal about the robber in Paris on Thursday 1 May 2010 including works by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Georges Braque, Amedeo Modigliani and Fernand Leger.

There is also the opening of the “annex” of the Centre Pompidou in the city of Metz. Many of you know the Centre Pompidou for its unique style and architecture (by S├ębastien Loste,). The building is basically inside out with all the piping and tubes visible from the exterior and bright colours. However, many of you have never heard of the wonderful town called Metz, which is on the border with Germany in the Lorraine region. Don’t get the wrong idea, the city is very beautiful and the people offer a warm welcome.

So what is the signification about this annex of modern art being opened in Metz ? Well, the most important thing is that it will have a great economical impact on the old mining town. This once heavy industry orientated metropolis, which suffered during both of the world wars (and also before) has been struggling to find an identity, which it truly deserves. Now, it has become home to some of the most fantastic modern art works.
Another reason… DECENTRALIZATION. This is part of a long term project by successive governments in sharing the power of the country, previously once maintained by Paris. Slowly the regions, departments and cities have more and more responsibility. This is good news for some, the downside is that they have to assume the costs.

By the way if you enjoy art, painting and drawing why don’t you test your artistic talent.