Paris E

E is for The Eiffel Tower

The greatest symbol of Paris and one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions is the Eiffel Tower. Built in 1889 for the World Fair by Gustave Eiffel who was born in Dijon, Burgundy on the 15 December 1832.

Reaching 320 metres in height (over a thousand feet), the structure is made of riveted iron and has three levels. Level 1 and 2 can be accessed by stairs or lifts, whilst the 3rd level can be reached by the lift.

Photos of the Eiffel Tower (click on the picture to zoom)

Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower viewed from the Seine
Viewed from the river Seine on a bateau moche
Tower close up 2
Tower close up 4
Tower close with the lift
1st and  2nd story
View of the top
The shadow cast by the tower
View across Paris

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As you will notice, there are no photos of the tower at night, this is because the lighting is copyrighted and we do not have the permission to publish photos of the tower at night.