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French road signs

What do they mean?

Do you drive on the French roads or autoroutes? Have you noticed road signs with words that don’t really mean much to you?

Most road signs are iconic and easily understood in any language, but every now and then the French will throw one at you and the meaning is really not very clear. Many of these road signs are temporary (with a yellow background and setup because of unusual circumstances.

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La priorité à droite‎ – priority to the right

Priority to the right
Priority to the right

The “priority to the right” rule on the roads of France is complicated and misunderstood by many. In this article, we’ll try and explain some of the principles and “don’t forgets” to help you whilst you are driving on the left-hand side of the French roads.

The most simple tip to remember and use is : When you are driving and unsure, slow down, look to the right if there is a vehicle coming towards GIVE WAY ! (You both end up stopped and looking at each other hesitantly) .

Every day in France there are accidents relating to “refusing the priority to the right” refus de priorité, and in most cases, if you’ve refused the priority then you’re at fault.

Although I’m not an expert in insurance, as far as I know, if you refuse a priority, you’ll be the person responsible for the accident. This can also result in a fine of 135 €, the loss of 4 points, 3 years suspension of your licence.  Like it or not, the rule does make drivers slow down at any junction.

So let’s have a look at some examples of this very French rule…