Top 6 Best Tour de France cyclists

Since the first edition of the Tour de France in 1903, each decade has been almost dominated by one champion. For the general public, the bicycle race Tour de France rhymes with the names of the famous cyclists Christopher Froome, Alberto Contador, Lance Armstrong and Miguel Indurain. Unless you are an aficionado or have been keeping track of the Tour de France for more than three decades, you may not have heard of the six following cyclist stars and champions.

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Latest results 2014

We’ll try to keep you up to date with the latest scores and results for the matches in 2014,  plus other information from the team.

France won the world cup in 1998

Results for 2014

First round

  • June 15th : France vs Honduras 3 – 0
  • June 20th : Switzerland vs France 5- 2
  • June 25th : Ecuador vs France 0 – 0

France are first in their group and move on to the final 16 for the knock out phase.

Round of 16
June 30th :  France vs Nigeria 2 – 0

Quarter final

July 4th :  France vs  Germany  0 – 1

France has been knocked out of the cup.



Some French jokes about football.

Well in France, most people are remaining calm about what certain people call a national disaster.

We thought it would be fun to share some of the jokes which you which are flying around. The jokes are in French with an English translation and some explanations about the play on words.

Joke 1 :
Deux africains arrivent et disent à l’équipe de France ” Et bien, vous vous en allez déjà ? ”

Two Africans arrive and say to the French team “Oh well, are you already leaving ?”

( vous vous en allez : vuvuzela )

Joke 2 :

En 2006, l’équipe d’Italie et l’équipe de France ce sont rencontrées en finale, cette année c’est à l’aéroport.

In 2006, the Italy team and the French team meet in the final, this year they meet in the airport.

Joke 3 :

Ils sont venus, ils ont vu et l’on eu dans le cul. Si vous voulez voir des Bleus gagner, regardez Avatar.

They came, they saw and they go it in the ‘backside’. If you want to see the Blues win, watch Avatar.
You have a play on the latin “Veni, vidi, vici”. The nickname for the French team is the “Blues”

Joke 4 :

Zidane la tête, Henry la main, Ribéry le sexe, à quand le jeu au pied ?

Zidane with the head, Henry with the Hand, Ribéry with his ****, when will the game be played with feet.

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Well, at least they tried !

Question : How do you say Football in French ?

Answer : Easy you say “Football”.

But how do you say : Lose, disaster, useless, sack the boss, losers, goalless.


How do you say : Win, no luck, bad draw, that’s life, goal, attack, score.

I’m actually writing this article a few minutes before the match between Mexico and France. I have a bet with a friend that Mexico will win 2-1. With nearly 2 hours to go, we’ll see who wins and perhaps I owe a bottle of wine ! Even if I do lose the bet, my friend will share the bottle of wine.

Anyhow, this is a good time to learn some French vocabulary about winning and losing.

A big discussion in France is about yesterday’s “Bac de Philosophie”, which is the Philosophy Baccalaureate exam. The subject is one of the most complicated and stressful for students, and quite a few people will fail in this exam.

Perhaps the theme could have been “Will you have a winning team, when you have the best players ?”.

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Sporting Weekend

So we know have the final outcome of the football season ! Many will be happy, whilst others do not really care of course.
So Marseilles are the champions and they have been having a great party at the port in the city center. There is also Auxerre and Lyon who have qualified for the European stages. The big loser is Bordeaux who failed to qualify.

We also have been told that Laurent Blanc (currently the manager of Bordeaux), will become the manager of the French national football team no matter what happens at the world cup, he will be replacing the controversial Raymond Domenech.

For motor racing fans, there was the Grandprix at Monaco and the Rugby season is almost finished but undecided. Tennis fans will have a great time in a few days with the start of the French open at Roland Garos. The French basketball star Tony Parker will not be playing in the world cup at Turkey, which is a huge blow to the team.


Apart from the sport there is also the room for culture and the rendezvous for many stars with the Cannes film festival. Just before the start of the film festival, a storm with very high waves created much damage to the sea front. However the repairs and red carpet where put back in place with speed and talent.
The opinions of the films being shown in the competition are diverse and arguments always rage. We’ll see who win the awards in a few more days.