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Covid-19 virus in France

Travel restrictions in France

On Monday the 17th of March 2020, the French government has put into place rules and restrictions concerning travel.

Election 2017 News

The 2017 French presidential elections

Emmanuel Macron wins and is elected president. He is the youngest ever President of France (39 years old).

French citizens will vote to elect the 25th President of the French Republic. The elections take place in two rounds, the 23rd April and the 7th May.

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La Somme 100 years ago

The Franco-British offensive of the Somme

The Somme is to Britain what Verdun is to France. One of the most remembered events of the Great War, and one of the most brutal and catastrophic battles in human history.

Art History News

News : The marriage contract of Napoléon Bonaparte and Joséphine de Beauharnais

Last week the Second Imperial Jubilee was celebrated. To this effect several historical documents and objects from the era of imperial France were put on auction.

Election 2012 News

Priority to the right or left ?

The first round of the elections are only a few days away now.

What is happening in France and how do the French voters feel?

The answer to this depends which media / TV / newspaper you read.
They have already taken sides and eliminated all but their two preferred candidate, saying that the final round will be between Sarkozy (Right) and Hollande (Left).