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Visiting the battlefields of Verdun

Verdun is a small city in the French North-East. Its location, in a valley close to the Belgian, Luxembourgian and German borders, makes the city an important strategic place. Furthermore, it is one of the passage points to cross the Meuse river. As such, Verdun has throughout history been a battlefield in the numerous conflicts opposing France to its neighbours.

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Three famous people who fought in the First World War

The First World War mobilized millions of men and women across the world. Among them were famous people, famous from before, during or after the conflict.

The following list contains the name and short story of some of these men who served in the French army :


22nd of March 1421 : Battle of Vieil-Baugé

The Hundred Years War is among the most famous conflicts in history. Some battles that took place during this war helped to forge the identity of the belligerents. The names of astonishing battles are well known today, however, many armed engagements are no longer famous despite having dramatic consequences which altered the the war.

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The Natzwiller-Struthof concentration camp in Alsace

The 21st of April 1941 saw the official opening of the Natzwiller-Struthof, a concentration camp located in the annexed region of Alsace. Though the numbers are not precise, it is estimated that among the 52,000 people that were deported in the camp around half of them did not survive.

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Six very old French movies

The movie history and industry has been linked to France since its beginnings in the late XIXth Century. A Frenchman, Louis Aimé Auguste le Prince, who mysteriously disappeared during a train journey from Dijon to Paris, is credited to have produced the oldest movie that has survived until today.