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Evolution of family names in France

Like many other countries, family names in France have evolved for centuries and still are. It is closely linked to the history of the country and reflects its evolution from the Roman times to today.

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Benefits Arising from having a Mother Living in France

My wonderful friend Ginnie has often talked about her mother’s life in France. Having just returned from a visit there, this is what she had to say:

My mother took early retirement from her teaching career in London, and moved to a beautiful, old farmhouse in South-West France’s Anglars Nozac commune (in the Lot region) about seven years ago. My first thoughts on learning of her intended relocation were:

  • a) Oh no… one grandparent less to fulfil regular babysitting duties for my then toddler son, Oscar!
  • b) Fantastic! Oscar and I will benefit from cheap and glorious holidays with a granny/mother who having always been somewhat of a Francophile, would soon be in her element; happy, relaxed, surrounded by gorgeous countryside and enjoying a language and culture she has always loved.
  • c) I must learn French!

Le Baccalauréat

At this time of the year many French students are awaiting or have resceived the results for their Baccalauréat, the end of school exam. Obtaining a result is cruicial to continue an educational path, as a good result will provide university entrance, whilst a failure means the doors will close and the student will either redo a complete school year or simple give up and try something else.