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The house that Jacques built

Renovating a house in France.

Vacant for more than 80 years

I had already been living in France for a couple of years and working seasonal jobs to earn my keep. After working in the Provence in the south, then the Loire, I became very fond of the Burgundy region. I had been working in the area for a while and became attached to many Burgundian charms.

The colourful landscape and varied climate, strong traditions and of course the wines.

So this is the story of how I purchased my my first house in France, the problems of renovating and turning it into what became my family home. Continue reading The house that Jacques built

A day in the life of Rémi ( the French farmer)

Today is almost a typical working day for Rémi. After days of bad weather and waiting the wheat harvest can now begin.

Combine harvester

Rémi is a 49 year old French farmer, living with his wife and 10 year old son on a typical farm located in central France. He is a son of a farmer and his wife a farmer’s daughter. They live in a small village with 120 inhabitants, which once boasted 8 farms, however Rémi is the last member of the village to continue in the agricultural industry. He has a herd of 150 Charolais beef cattle, 30 hectares of grazing fields and about 60 hectares of cereal crops such as wheat and rape (Colza). He is alone on his farm with no employees. Continue reading A day in the life of Rémi ( the French farmer)