Cinema History

5 French historical movies to watch

History is an important source of inspiration in the French movie industry. Many dramas, action movies and comedies take place in a historical setting. This page lists five French history movies worth watching.

Art Cinema Music Women

5 French chanson singers

France often prides itself for its large array of singers using French lyrics, this method was supposed to preserve the French culture faced with an increasing influence from American music.

Art Cinema

5 French TV series and television films you must watch

If French TV productions does not have the magnitude or world impact as its American counterpart, France is able to produce high quality shows for comedy, drama and detective series.

Note that the following list is personal and not based on the quality or the public reception.

Art Cinema History

Six very old French movies

The movie history and industry has been linked to France since its beginnings in the late XIXth Century. A Frenchman, Louis Aimé Auguste le Prince, who mysteriously disappeared during a train journey from Dijon to Paris, is credited to have produced the oldest movie that has survived until today.

Cinema History War

Two movies with the French Army in the First World War

A review of two fims

Un long dimanche de fiançailles and Joyeux Noël