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Covid-19 virus in France

Travel restrictions in France

On Monday the 17th of March 2020, the French government has put into place rules and restrictions concerning travel.

The information on this page is subject to change. Please check with the official French government web site for the latest official news.

To travel anywhere in France you must have the document called ATTESTATION DE DÉPLACEMENT DÉROGATOIRE

You must complete this form carry it with you when you leave your house. One form per person in your group (spouse, child etc). This document is signed on your “honour”.

You can be asked to produce this document at any time when you are not at home. Fines (135 Euro) are in place and being applied. If your reason for travel is not valid, insufficient or unjustified you will be told to go home.

(Simply having a copy of this form on your mobile phone is not good enough).

The form can be downloaded using the button below.

If you cannot print it, you should copy the content freehand on to paper.

Here is a translation of the French wording within the document. Please do not supply this translation, but the original document when requested:

I the undersigned
Madame / Mister -------------
Born the  -------------
Living at  -------------

Certifiy that my journey is realted to the following motif (check the relevant box) authorised by
the article 1st decree dated 16th March 2020 concerning the rules of travel in the fight against the propogation the the Covid-19 virus
travel to and from the primary residence to the place of work (professional activity),
when such activity cannot be executed via  "work from home" (upon permanent justification) or professional journeys which can not be differed
TICK BOX travel to purchase supplies of first priority from autorised establisments (list available on
TICK BOX travel for health reasons
TICK BOX travel for a compelling family motif, assistance to vunerables people or child care
TICK BOX short journey, close to home, connected to a personal physical activity excluding group sports, or domestic animals welfare.

Signed at......... the  day / month / 2020
Your signature