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What’s in a French baguette ?

As in many countries and cultures, the French loaf of bread (“baguette“) is a daily requirement of the diet.

Traditionally the only ingredients in a loaf of bread are flour, water, yeast and salt. Baked in the local “Boulangerie” and delivered fresh every day. They can be of different shapes and sizes, the traditional shape is the long baguette. Depending on personal taste, you can buy your well-cooked “bien cuit” or “pas trops cuit”. For good manners, it is frowned upon to place the baguette upside down on the dinner table.

La Baguette

Depending on where you live in France a typical price for the baguette is 0.85 Euro (85 cents), and to generalize a typical family of 4 people will eat about 3 baguettes in a day. To give you an idea of the price: a packet of cigarettes is 5.50 Euro, 1 litre of petrol is 1.25 Euro and the minimum wage is 8,86 Euro/hour.

At breakfast, the bread is often eaten with jam and accompanied by a bowl of coffee.

If you are eating cheese, then French bread is a must.

Cheese from France

Also with the traditional French saucisson.

French Saucisson