Some French jokes about football.

Well in France, most people are remaining calm about what certain people call a national disaster.

We thought it would be fun to share some of the jokes which you which are flying around. The jokes are in French with an English translation and some explanations about the play on words.

Joke 1 :
Deux africains arrivent et disent à l’équipe de France ” Et bien, vous vous en allez déjà ? ”

Two Africans arrive and say to the French team “Oh well, are you already leaving ?”

( vous vous en allez : vuvuzela )

Joke 2 :

En 2006, l’équipe d’Italie et l’équipe de France ce sont rencontrées en finale, cette année c’est à l’aéroport.

In 2006, the Italy team and the French team meet in the final, this year they meet in the airport.

Joke 3 :

Ils sont venus, ils ont vu et l’on eu dans le cul. Si vous voulez voir des Bleus gagner, regardez Avatar.

They came, they saw and they go it in the ‘backside’. If you want to see the Blues win, watch Avatar.
You have a play on the latin “Veni, vidi, vici”. The nickname for the French team is the “Blues”

Joke 4 :

Zidane la tête, Henry la main, Ribéry le sexe, à quand le jeu au pied ?

Zidane with the head, Henry with the Hand, Ribéry with his ****, when will the game be played with feet.