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Well, at least they tried !

Question : How do you say Football in French ?

Answer : Easy you say “Football”.

But how do you say : Lose, disaster, useless, sack the boss, losers, goalless.


How do you say : Win, no luck, bad draw, that’s life, goal, attack, score.

I’m actually writing this article a few minutes before the match between Mexico and France. I have a bet with a friend that Mexico will win 2-1. With nearly 2 hours to go, we’ll see who wins and perhaps I owe a bottle of wine ! Even if I do lose the bet, my friend will share the bottle of wine.

Anyhow, this is a good time to learn some French vocabulary about winning and losing.

A big discussion in France is about yesterday’s “Bac de Philosophie”, which is the Philosophy Baccalaureate exam. The subject is one of the most complicated and stressful for students, and quite a few people will fail in this exam.

Perhaps the theme could have been “Will you have a winning team, when you have the best players ?”.