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France is a strange country?

France is a very strange country… the French are a real mixture of cultures who have been coming and going throughout the centuries.

Full of cliches. In the north it rains, in the south it is hot. In the west they drink, in the east they are unfriendly.

And each region and department of France is very different. Parisians are not like Burundians who are not like Alsaciens.The mentality, dress and cuisine are not of the same flavour.

Even more, neighboring towns and villages are different. In the countryside a village will still retain a dialect/slang “patois” which is meaningless a few miles away. A street will be named after a heroic person, artist or writer. The yearly village festival are is always better than down the road.

There is even proof that the famous Pizza is now of French origin (now offense to Italians). The French love French cars such as Renault and Citröen. They have the best football team except when they lose. No other wine is worth drinking and the English can’t cook.

But I think you will find the same attitude in every country.

So why is France a strange country ?

The average French person has a job and goes to work. At the end of the month they are given a salary. Every so often he will take a holiday… AH THAT’S THE DIFFERENCE.

The French have more holidays than elsewhere in the world.

That is what makes France a strange place… they have so much time for holidays.

But don’t be misguided, the average French person has to work and pay some of the highest taxes in Europe.

So is it bad to want to have fun ? Time to relax. Precious moments with family and friends. Enjoying life. Perhaps it’s a question of priorities and your average Monsieur Dupont knows that it is not just money which brings happiness.

I say : “Long live Mr Dupont ! Let’s have a glass of wine together. I’m sure we have something in common”