French Language

Become Fluent in French

Become Fluent in French

  • Is it easy to learn to speak French ?
  • Why should I learn French ?
  • I’m too old to do that !
  • All the verbs and conjugation are difficult !

These are just some of the questions and comments that you often hear from people who would like to learn to speak French.

How to become fluent in French ?

First of all, it is difficult to learn any other language apart from you own language.

Generally your first spoken words were learned by simply listening to your mother’s voice and you with repetition, you began to speak your native language.

You did not have to study or read lists of verbs to do this !

Use a proven method to learn French naturally, where your accent and understanding improves all the time.

Advantages of learning a foreign language

“Running two parallel language systems throughout life has had positive benefits in a number of ways”
(Prof Virginia Gathercole, Bangor University)

Travel, communication, business, career opportunities, culture.

Travel : Discover more of the country you are visiting. Feel relaxed when having to ask questions and finding your way around.

Career opportunities : Enhance your chances of obtaining that job opportunity you need. Having a second language is a real PLUS. Imagine your competitors who have a second language at your next job interview. Put all the chances on your side, you’ll never regret it.

Business : Understand what your customer really needs and improve your sales. When the telephone rings or you have to call “Jean-Paul”, no more hesitation or misunderstandings.

Culture : Open the world of a different way of living and traditions. Understand and appreciate the differences. The films, art, music, history and cuisine will be meaningful and tasty !

What should I do then?

For learning French, the best opportunity and guaranteed results is the French4U course.

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