2022 2023

Bonjour 2023

Au revoir 2022

Many people will be glad to see 2022 fade into the background as soon as possible and will be looking towards 2023.

Election 2022 General

The 2022 French presidential elections

Official result

Emmanuel Macron is reelected President of France with 58.54% of the votes.

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French road signs

What do they mean?

Do you drive on the French roads or autoroutes? Have you noticed road signs with words that don’t really mean much to you?

Most road signs are iconic and easily understood in any language, but every now and then the French will throw one at you and the meaning is really not very clear. Many of these road signs are temporary (with a yellow background and setup because of unusual circumstances.

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French markets

Le Marché, the market

I love markets, especially food markets!

Almost every French town has a market and a market day.  Some are indoor markets using old halls, many are typical outdoor markets with stands. Some are historically famous and date back hundreds of years.


Top 6 Best Tour de France cyclists

Since the first edition of the Tour de France in 1903, each decade has been almost dominated by one champion. For the general public, the bicycle race Tour de France rhymes with the names of the famous cyclists Christopher Froome, Alberto Contador, Lance Armstrong and Miguel Indurain. Unless you are an aficionado or have been keeping track of the Tour de France for more than three decades, you may not have heard of the six following cyclist stars and champions.