Burgundy Farm Salad

An easy to prepare salad

Although lettuce frequently forms the foundation of salads, there are few vegetables and edible plants that may not be used in salad making. Originally a salad consisted of uncooked, edible leaves of various plants but today the name is applied to mixtures, which may include cooked and uncooked vegetables, herbs, fruits, meat and fish.

This BURGUNDY SALAD is a great success. It's a perfect lunch for your friends or as an hors d'oeuvre (appetiser). Everybody who has been on board the barge cruise "Wine and Water" have asked me for the ingredients of this salad along with it's delicious mustard vinaigrette.

  • A selection of different lettuces, enough for 4 people
  • Finely-chopped raw onion
  • 300g Mushrooms
  • 300g smoked Bacon diced
  • 200g Croutons
  • 4 fresh eggs


  • 4 Tomatoes
  • fresh Parsley
  • Salt & Ground Pepper

Vinaigrette Sauce

  • 4 table spoon Sunflower seed oil or any other salad oils
  • 1 table sp. Good quality Wine Vinegar
  • Salt & Ground Pepper
  • 2 table spoon Dijon Mustard
  • A little hot water

Prepare and cook all the vegetables.

1 : Wash and dry the lettuces.
Prepare the croutons. Remove the crusts from stale bread and cut into small cubes.
Fry in clarified fat (preferably butter and oil) deep or shallow, until lightly brown, drain well on kitchen paper until quite free from grease. Keep hot and crisp until required.
Dice up the bacon and fry, then place in a bowl, which can then go into a microwave.
Slice the mushrooms, add salt & pepper and fry in oil or butter, then place into the same bowl as the smoked bacon.
Wash the tomatoes, and parsley.

2. Prepare the vinaigrette.
In a bowl mix the salt, mustard and pepper. With a wooden spoon stir in the oil slowly, drop by drop and add the vinegar gradually drop by drop, stirring constantly so that an emulsion is formed. When an emulsion is formed add a little hot water stirring vigorously. Add the chopped up parsley. Leave aside.

3. Poach the 4 eggs in boiling water, takes about 2 minutes (add a little white vinegar into the boiling water), keep the poached eggs warm by covering them with aluminium foil or a plate.


Garnish 4 medium individual plates with the different lettuces piled on and with the finely chopped onion.
Heat up in the microwave the bacon and mushroom mixture for a few seconds in the microwave, pile the mixture onto each individual salad.

Sprinkle over the salads the croutons.
Add the poached egg on top of the bacon and mushroom mixture.
Pour the vinaigrette over the 4 individual salads.

Decorate with slices of tomatoes and serve with fresh crusty bread.
Serve the rest of the dressing in a sauceboat.

Server with Volay red or a Rosé from Marsanny