Belfort, France

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Belfort is in the Bourgogne Franche-Comté region.
Previously in the region of Franche-comte (Franche-Comté)

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Belfort is in the (90) Territoire de Belfort departement

Belfort in Territoire de Belfort

Map of Belfort in the Territoire de Belfort

About Belfort

Belfort is in the Territoire de Belfort department of the Franche-comte region

The name comes from Belle-Fort, pretty fortress.
The germans, swiss and burgundians battled possession of this town, which was a gateway to access all parts of Europe. Attached and besieged many times during the 30 Years War in 1630...
The fortifications were greatly improved by Vauban, but finally the Prussians managed to occupy the fortress. Before the 1900s, once again the fortress is improved, in time for World War I, were the town is continually bombarded. Occupied during World War II by the germans, the town was liberated in November 1944.