Crottin Chavignol Cheese

This soft to firm goat's milk cheese comes from the Sancerre region of the Loire. About 5 cms in diameter, it is generally served hot (see below for recipe suggestions).

Photograph of Crottin de Chavignol

Crottin de Chavignol

Hot goat cheese

The simplest way to serve the cheese is on toast. Begin by cutting the piece of cheese in half (to make two circles and not two half circles) so that it is less thick. Slightly toasting some slices of bread. Place round pieces of cheese on the toast and grill until the cheese begins to brown. Serve with green salad and a dry white wine such as Sancerre.

Honey toasted goat cheese

If you enjoyed the above, then you'll really enjoy the next version. Fry some pine cone seeds so that they are slightly burnt. Repeat all the steps as mentioned in the previous recipe, just before the cheese begins to brown, add a small quantity of honey on top of the cheese and a place a few of the pine cone seeds. Continue to grill until the honey melts and spreads over the cheese; Once again serve with a green salad.